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Who are sessions designed for? 

These are group sessions (of around 10 people) and are designed for anyone and everyone. If you feel that you will benefit from a place to be still and recharge, then come along!


No previous experience is necessary and there is no age limit.


Sessions are appropriate for anyone who is looking for help with reducing stress in their life and improving their general wellbeing.


Sessions are informal and enjoyable. Sessions are non-religious and are easy to take part in.  


What is the format of the sessions?

A typical session will begin with a short calming breathing exercise followed by progressive muscle relaxation. I will then lead the group through a guided visualisation, which is done with closed eyes.


Will I have to wear specialist clothing?

You are not required to wear specialist clothing, just something comfortable. 


Will I have to sit on the floor?

You are not required to sit on the floor (unless you would prefer to do so) nor bring special equipment.

Why do I have to block book a course of sessions?

Beneficial improvements occur with regular attendance and so by booking a course in advance, your commitment to scheduling time to relax is greater and you will achieve maximum potential benefit. 

When you attend any physical activity (such as yoga, badminton, running, tennis, or swimming) on a regular basis, it keeps your body fit and toned and you see the benefits. The same can be said for attending this class regularly, as it will enable balanced mental well-being for the long term.