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Mrs R, Burgess Hill

"Finally I've found a relaxation class close to where I live rather than having to travel to Brighton. Great venue, easy parking and definitely worth the money. Andrea is a very calm and gentle teacher who makes everyone feel welcome. After an hour of hearing her soothing voice and the relaxing music in the background, you'll almost feel as though you're floating out of the room. Definitely recommend it !!"

Mrs West, Crawley

"It was great to just 'stop' for an hour and relax. I enjoyed the guided visualisation & the tension in my shoulders had been released by the end of the session. Professional, warm & friendly, I look forward to the next time."

Mrs C, Burgess Hill

"I really enjoyed the hour's relaxation session! Totally new to this type of class and I didn't really know what to expect. Andrea was very professional and made us all feel totally at ease throughout the guided visualisation. Will definitely attend again."